When we bought this golf course in March of 2020, we knew that we had something special. Through the trials of Covid, we found out just how special. The community embraced and supported us, both with their attitudes and with their sweat, as they chipped in to help build this course and business towards what it can be. 

Our goal was, and is, to make this the best golf course around, and have the best restaurant in the county. This has not changed, and as we learn and adapt, we are beginning to see results which tell us these are achievable goals. 

We are not wealthy investors, but working people pursuing the American Dream, making this our home and our future, and hoping to be a part of something special. This means that some things may happen more slowly than you might expect, but never without our utmost care and attention, and always with an eye on how we can best serve our customers and community.

The latest project has been a large risk: Replacing the greens with a more appropriate type of grass, which will allow us to use our labor and resources more efficiently in the future and be more kind to the environment. Having to do so during the summer, cutting into our income at a time when we would normally be filling all of our tee times, has been challenging. 

We are confident that this was the correct thing to do, and the results are confirming that we were right: The new greens are looking stunning, and the summer rains have helped bring them to full health as fast, if not faster, than we had hoped. The summer has not been wasted: Superintendent Daniel Moneyham and his team have continued to shape and beautify the course, the fairways, the rough, and our landscape, with gorgeous success. 

Our next project, to be completed this fall and winter, will be to finally finish (we know!) the refurbishing of our bunkers, a task we started last fall. This will not only enhance your playing enjoyment, but also make sure that Silver Creek remains the best draining course around! 

We hope that you will come and enjoy the new greens and unforgettable sweeping views, and cheer us on as we finish the bunkers, when we re-open our normal course in the middle of September, on our championship, Tom Jackson designed layout. Until then, please come try the amazing ‘Executive Course’ which Daniel and Wes Jones have crafted, with 24 holes of challenging golf, including a few 400 yard testers. 

We thank you for your support. 

Melissa and Wesley Jones, Claudia Holderegger McCormack, and John McCormack-Holderegger