What do you do when you find yourself close to the green, but not on it, and you don’t have a reliable chip shot?
Sometimes the best choice is to putt, even from off the green. This works when the collar is cut short, and sometimes even from the fairway.
But what if the grass is too long to putt? Instead of taking the chance of sending your ball shooting across the green with a chip-gone-wrong, try the Putt with Loft!
Here’s how you do it: Take your 7-iron, but use the same stance, grip and swing as you would with the putter. Place the ball in the middle of your stance, keep the shaft steep with the toe down and the club face pointed toward your target. Your normal putting stroke will fly the ball over the tall grass before letting it roll out on the green.
Make sure to practice this stroke next time you’re on the chipping green! – Mark Eaves