Who would have thought that we’d complain about the heat at the end of October, but with temps in the ’80s it was definitely toasty out! That aside, everyone embraced the not-so-traditional tournament format and had a great time! Who said that golf has to be serious?!?

Instructions awaited the players at each hole that were either a trick (challenge) or treat (advantage) or sometimes the luck of the draw…. but with the rule of “bogey is your friend”, even a trick could not ruin anyone’s day. In the end, team Patton/Patton brought home the most points and got first pick of prizes. Congratulations!

Team Bailey/Lisdero handily won the Best Dressed contest with their elaborate scarecrow costumes, and with that an outfit each from Golftini!

While the competition did matter, what mattered more was that everyone had a fun round with old and new friends who support each other even if they’re on opposing teams! Because that’s just who the Ladies if Silver Creek are.

Thanks everyone for playing! We will definitely bring this tournament back next year, the last Saturday in October! Plus, there is already talk about a springtime Ladies’ tournament, so stay tuned!

Scroll through the pictures below for more impressions from the day!

A huge THANK YOU to our sponsors who helped us take this experience to the next level! Thank you for supporting women’s golf!

Denise Cronwall Activewear
Wilson Sporting Goods
Modern Medical Aesthetics and Wellness
Belle Vi Med Spa
Truist Bank
White Horse Black Mountain