Mondays at 5:30 pm starting April 3rd

$20 per week

We will be running a program similar to Operation 36.

What is operation 36?

All golfers, age, gender and skill level do not matter.

Will play begin by playing nine 25 yard holes and the goal is to shoot 36 or better.

If the junior is successful, they will play nine 50 yard holes in their next assessment and so on…

The overall goal is to move back as far as you can.

If a player is unsuccessful, then we will assess their round, determine what they need to practice and develop a practice schedule they can follow to prepare for their next attempt at shooting a score of 36.

The overall goal is to teach the golfers how to score and how to play the game. Along with learning how to play, the golfers will also learn proper etiquette, how to rake bunkers and fix ball marks. Where to stand when others are swinging and how to maintain a proper pace.

We are excited to bring this program to Burke county and parent participation will be appreciated. Golfers are not required to attend every week, and this program is designed for golfers to progress at their own pace.

Call 828.584.6911 ext. 2 or email to sign up!