How much should your club shaft lean at address and why?


When addressing your iron shots, your club shaft should lean slightly towards the hole with your hands slightly ahead of the ball.

Why? Because the iron is designed to strike the ball in a slightly descending blow. Having the shaft lean slightly towards the target will encourage this to happen. If the shaft is leaning too far forward, you will tend to come down too steep and hit low shots, too far leaning back will cause a lot chunks and too high of shots.

When addressing your driver and fairway woods, your shaft should be up and down fairly straight just behind the ball, and your hands should be just behind the ball.

Why? This will help the driver come into the ball at a fairly flat angle and sweep the ball off the tee. This will produce a flatter ball flight that will maximize carry and roll.

Enjoy playing around with the different set-ups and find what works best for you!

– Wes Jones, PGA Professional