Today I grabbed a student’s club to show him the correct grip, and his grips were so old and slick I, could hardly keep my hands on the club.

I told him the number one take-away from the lesson was to get new grips. It’s your only contact with the club, and therefore it is vital that the grips are good enough to keep from slipping in your hands.

Most quality irons made in the past 8 years are as good as the new irons selling today, and most good drivers haven’t really improved that much in the past 6 years either. If you want to save over $1000, then don’t buy new clubs, pay $12-15 per club and get good new grips. You’ll feel like you got a whole new set of clubs!

When getting new grips, it’s important to get the right size grips for your hand size and hand strength. You can read up on different grip choices here:

Are you wondering if your grips are old or not right for you? Come by the pro shop, we’ll be happy to take a look and get you set up!