Grip “strength” doesn’t refer so much to how tightly you grip the club, but rather to the positioning of your hands. An easy way to tell is to look down at the knuckles of your left hand. If you can see three, you have what we call a strong grip. If you can see only two, that’s a neutral grip. Only one? That’s a weak grip, which is very common.

A weak grip is not necessarily bad. It just means that you will have a tendency to slice the ball. With a strong grip, you will more likely hook the ball. You can now use adjustments in your grip strength depending on what kind of shot you are trying to make.

In part two of today’s tip we’re looking at forearm rotation. An excellent way to improve your swing speed and hit the ball straighter and farther is to allow your left arm rotate freely. Please do not mistake this for trying to use your wrist too much. It is simply allowing your left forearm to roll over from palm down to palm up without forcing it. This is how your arm wants to naturally rotate. Remember to let your club face open up a bit on the back swing. Practice swinging your arm back and forth like the picture above.

You may notice that your grip strength influences how easily your forearm rolls over. Experiment with both to find the combination that works for you!