The ideal divot should go straight towards your target and start just at the front edge of your ball and be no more than ½ an inch to an inch deep.


If your divot (right-handed golfers) is going to the left of your target, you are coming over the top and are most likely hitting a slice, and the ball is not going as far as it should. If your divot is going to the right of the target, your club is swinging too far to the right, and this creates a push or a draw.

You can play good golf with the divot going slightly left or slightly right, but the goal should be to have the divot go to your target. If your divots are going at the target but your ball is going left or right, that means that your club face is open (to the right) or closed (to the left at impact).


If your divot is really deep (more than an inch), that says that your club is coming in too steep. A steep divot is probably the worst of all.

The best part about practicing making good divots is that it’s free. Find a place in a mulch bed or something similar and practice making divots straight to your target. They don’t have to be big swings, your focus should be on where the club is going. Extra bonus points: Do not think about swing mechanics. Only think about making the divot go to the target. Your swing will improve without your having to think about it.


Final Bonus: After making a really nice shallow divot at the target when playing, use the sand bottle on the cart to fill in the divot. It will make everyone happy.