As many of you know, we have been repairing our sand traps, and you will soon be required to play out of them!

The good news is that we will be playing all of our sand traps as waste areas. Meaning you will be allowed to ground your club and take practice swings. However, you will be required to play the ball as it lies. No more free drops.

This video by Nick Faldo is great start to brush up your skills, take in the tips and do a little practice. You may find that your new shot will actually be easier than taking a drop behind the bunker.

I would like to add a few things.

1. Very important, the club needs to hit the sand below the ball. Blast the sand and send it towards the target.

2. You need to keep your hands moving until they reach your shoulder on the follow through. Too many people stop their hands once the club hits the sand.

3. At first, do not worry about how far the ball goes. Practice making the same swing over and over, getting the ball out of the sand. Once you get it out consistently, you will develop a feel for how far to hit it.

Have fun!