Hello Golfers,

For those of you who like to read or scan golf articles, here is a list of my favorite golf books.

I would recommend reading them all at the same time, just picking through the chapters at your own pace. It is funny that I would encourage reading golf material because I believe the less you think about the better. However, these three books have touched me, and I would recommend them both for enjoyment and education.


1) Bob Rotella’s Golf is Not a Game of Perfect

2) Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book

3) Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

Why these three?

1) Golf is Not a Game of Perfect. I like it because the title tells it all. You do not need to be perfect. Just be good enough. One of my favorite quotes is “Be conservative with your tee shot club selection so you can be aggressive with your swing”.

2) Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book. It is a book of very short stories that are priceless from a wise man full of golf wisdom.
One of my take-aways from this book is to practice chipping your ball under a bench, and if you have taken a lesson from me you may have heard me say, “clip the tee”, which is something I stole from this book.

3) Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf. I love the drawings in this book. It is very simple book.  The pictures of grip are my favorites. One of the things that helped me personally was feeling like my forearms were tied together.

I hope you enjoy these books!


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