Balance in life is a key fundamental to happiness and success. Balance on the golf course is just as important.

There are two things that need to be balanced while golfing.

The first one is often overlooked and arguably could be the most important.

1) Emotional balance. Generally, our expectations are greater than our ability, and definitely greater than the amount of preparation we have put into our practice.  Give every shot your best and accept the results. Be kind to yourself and pleasant to play with. Of course, it is fine to be disappointed, but after a few seconds learn to let it go, so you can focus on the next shot with a cool temperament. Have fun.


2) Athletic balance: Keeping your body balance throughout the swing. If your shots are inconsistent, you are likely out of balance. The old pro where I grew up said, “Kid, you can’t control the club if you don’t have control of your body”. I still think about that today over 30 years later.

The best test to see if you are swinging in balance is to hold your position for a couple of seconds. Practice making a backswing and stopping for a couple seconds to make sure you are in balance, and only then let yourself flow into your downswing and again hold your finish position for a couple of seconds. Chest at the target, spine straight up and down, back heel off the ground. You can do this while hitting balls or when you are practice swinging without a ball.

Extra Tip:  Balance is just as important on the pitch shots. Too often I see golfers take the club too far back and then stop the club at the ball to keep from hitting too far. Practice taking the club back where your hands are hip high and then follow through with your belt buckle at the target. Be smooth and flowing. Once you start hitting the ball solid, you will figure out your distance control.